We can create almost any illusion based on your corporate branding and tailored to your business and brief.


Available in a range of sizes the Holosystem will fit any space required and can be added to over time.


Quick to set up and a knockdown design, the Holosystem is easy to transport to any destination in the world.


We offer various after-sales support packages and can offer on-site tuition for you and your team.

Unbelievable events

Our projective technology brings your content to life and absorbs any audience by immediately grabbing attention and holding it – for however long you decide.

Previously afforded only by those in Hollywood and based on theatre trickery first conceived in the 1800’s, our patented immersive 3 dimensional Holosystem will transform any event and ensure your audiences are still talking about you months after.

We understand the importance of new customers and with our pioneering system enhancing your marketing and inspiring your audience, you are guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression. Please take a look at the video on the left to see how the UKTI were able to create a very impressive exhibition stand using our technology. In doing this they were able to convey complicated key messages, that were otherwise very difficult to explain.

What is the Holosystem?

Quick to set up, easily transported and a knock-down design, our portable Holosystem is a stage-like structure, featuring our patented invisible-to-the-eye film and frame structure that supports different projectors, (which we can advise on based on lighting conditions). The moving images projected onto the film create an illusion that trick the audience into perceiving a holographic image floating in mid air or standing on the stage – even full human sized virtual images!

Unlike any other sales, marketing or promotional moving images, the Holosystem offers 3D content without the use of glasses. The end product is an amazing real-time life-like video hologram, rather than images that simply “pop out” at the viewer.

An expandable structure from 3.5 to 5m the Holosystem is tailored to you and the package comes with all the hardware you need to create your illusion.

So, if you are seeking the ultimate 3D visualisation and display technology that leaves your audience speechless, our Holosystem is definitely for you.


Past Projects

See how our patented system has helped our customers deliver innovative holo-solutions to their brand clients.

Happy Clients

What People Say About Us

  • "I had been looking for a way to deliver what many people are calling holographic projected images for over a year; We needed a business that understood our business and cultural needs and Interesting Audio Visual Ltd completely surpassed my expectations".

    Anil B. Kumar
  • "The potential for this technology is huge and the leads we gained proved extremely fruitful. I am pleased we also invested in the training, as it saved lots of time and manpower".

    Roberto Mendizabal
  • "Without the expertise, attention to detail and technical know-how, we would never have been able to deliver the very impressive and successful Coke Studio Activation in The Dubai Mall".

    Kenny Holroyd

Benefits of the Holosystem

Unique & Eye-catching

We can create almost any illusion based on your corporate branding and tailored to your business and brief.

International Expertise

Our team has worked around the globe and is well versed in working with different cultures and on different continents.

Enhanced Marketing

Convey your messages on multifaceted levels including visual imagery, visual text, music and the spoken word.

Training and Support

We work with your team to support you from concept to onsite installation; Ask about our various training packages.

Expandable & Portable

An easy-to-erect design, available in 3.5 to 5m wide options and suitable for repeated use with high or low stage levels.

Versatile Use

Exhibitions and demos, live events, product launches and exhibitions, inject magic into almost anything with our technology.

Get in Touch

If you want to impress your audience, create and unforgettable impression and be part of the right conversations, then you should talk to us on +44 (0)1234 241021.